Making the web work for you – Part 1

The Working Web I’m going to do a series on leveraging web technologies to compliment your marketing strategies, promote your products and services, and communicate with your clients. It all starts with your website – which for some is merely a billboard or worse yet, a business card – those days are far behind us […]

NO IP for you 340 days worth of IPv4 address space left – can IPv6 save the day? Gone will be the familiar 4 octet (32-bit) addresses like, replaced instead with something like 2001:db8:85a3::8a2e:370:7334 – hexadecimal 128-bit.  Will certainly take some getting use to. IPv4 address space exhaustion can be blamed on many factors, the exploding accessibility […]

APR and Apache upgrade

For the second time, I have run into a snag upgrading PHP, and Apache 2.x due to an Apache Portable Runtime dependency.  It’s a bit of an annoying snag, that on FreeBSD at least (if you are one who uses ports) requires some fancy footwork. According to /usr/ports/UPDATING you need to: pkg_delete -f apache-2.\* portupgrade […]

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