So…what IS AppliedUsers, exactly?

AppliedUsers is an online community focused on the technical and operational aspects of a typical insurance firm. It grew out of a need to have an open, casual, easily accessible forum for individuals who deal with the systems and back-room processes of an insurance firm; whether a two person operation or 500+ users.

While AppliedUsers is primarily focused on Applied Systems’ products, we welcome anyone who has a need for support and camaraderie when it comes to the operations of your insurance firm. Many of our discussions revolve around third party systems & software anyway, so please don’t think you’re not welcome here!

Fast & Simple: The beauty of AU is in its simplicity; AU functions like most popular forums on the internet. A simple login process combined with a way to stay “logged on” allows you to pop in, ask questions, check on the latest updates, and get on with your life without a cumbersome process or major interruption in your daily workflow. In addition, AU is compatible with the Tapatalk mobile app (Apple & Android) – that makes AU compatible &  easy to use with just about every mobile device out there! Keep in touch while out at an event, even post pictures!

If you’re a passionate individual who’s charge in life has to do with operations or technical aspects of an insurance firm, stop in, say hi, ask some questions and hang out!