GMail Security Checklist

The folks at Google have been nice enough to create a checklist to help you secure your system – it’s mostly a collection of best practices known to those in information security, but maybe less obvious to the general user populace.  Either way, it would be beneficial for any GMail user to work through the …

Why SORBS sucks.

I like RDNSBLs – they are extremely useful, and when used properly, they can reduce your SPAM intake by 90% or more easily.  When they don’t work well though, they kind of suck.  No, actually, they really suck.  One big problem with SORBS is it’s overly aggressively blacklist of supposed dynamic IP addresses – many …

Windows LNK vulnerability

There has been quite a bit of talk in security circles with regard to the latest 0day Windows LNK (short-cut) vulnerability, which has potential to be fairly serious.  There are partial fixes and workarounds but not a complete patch as yet.  The following links should help you get informed and cover your bases:

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