Making the web work for you – Part 1

The Working Web

I’m going to do a series on leveraging web technologies to compliment your marketing strategies, promote your products and services, and communicate with your clients.

It all starts with your website – which for some is merely a billboard or worse yet, a business card – those days are far behind us now.  Today your website is a huge part of your branding effort and is the center of your marketing universe.  Many people claim to be web designers, but many of them have precious little understanding of branding, worse yet, some may not have a good understanding of web foundations like HTML, CSS, server-side scripting, browser support and security.   I cannot stress enough the importance of getting good people to design or update your site.  A template-based site slapped together on some WYSIWYG editor will get you on the ‘Net quickly, but cheap is obvious, even to the layman and that is not the first impression you want to be giving your visitors.

There is no question, that in this industry a website is a necessity – and any business website needs both aesthetics and function.  If you do not have a site, it’s time to analyze the business need for one and if you have a site, review it and determine if it is doing everything you want it to be doing.

As for the mechanics and technology – you can host the site internally if you have the infrastructure to support it, or you can choose to use the multitude of external hosting options out there.  I would recommend using a quality hosting company, but that could be a local ISP or a large outfit like 1&1.

A couple recommendations – if you don’t know where to start:

Carve Design – a studio specializing in brand development

Kelly King Design – Kelly specializes in launching working brands

In Part 2 – I will be talking about some free tools every website should consider deploying.

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