*Sigh* What’s ‘Google’ for BS?


This stuff just won’t die – but what is even more annoying than the never-ending banality of this journalistic tripe, is the mind-numbing notion that Google does anything inadvertently.  In the words of Johnny Rotten ‘Bollocks!”.  You don’t inadventently War-Drive custom network-sniffin’, gas-sippin’, picture snappin’, Google-mappin’ vehicles through 100-some-odd countries by accident folks.  How freakin’ dumb do you think we all are.  Sure some of us Google how to make a bomb from household items, but not all of us are drooling idiots!

Fess up – for crying out loud, you’re a search engine company, you’re freakin’ nosy by design, you’re the old spinster that can’t help but watch the goings on of all the neighbours which you then regurgitate every chance you get.

I don’t know about the rest of the netizens, but I’m calling BS on this one.