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*[[Auditing Fields]]
*[[Auditing Fields]]
*[[Customer Codes]]
*[[Customer Codes]]
*[[Policy Type Codes]]
*[[Policy Type Codes]]
*[[TAM_TS_Setup|TAM Citrix Server / Terminal Server Setup]]
*[[TAM_TS_Setup|TAM Citrix Server / Terminal Server Setup]]

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Welcome to the AppliedUsers.ca Wiki

Hello and welcome to the AUwiki page, you will need an account to add or edit content on the AUwiki. Like most wikis, this is a community effort, a repository for collective knowledge and a place to share. The kind of content we are looking for would be best practices, how-tos, guides and other similar reference material.

First and foremost, the question is going to be "how do I add content?". Although not obvious, nor intuitive, adding content is extremely simple, you just do it. First you will require an account, but once logged in, browsing to a non-existent link actually creates the new page. Example http://appliedusers.ca/wiki/thiswasnotherebefore will create a new page.

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