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Audting Fields

A criticism often levelled at TAM is that very few fields in any of the screens are mandatory; that is, users are free to input non-valid characters, or even to leave them blank.

From a management point of view, many fields in TAM can be very useful for all sorts of reasons. Therefore invalid or empty fields mean that management information is incorrect.

A classic example is the premium field on the Billing Screen. If this is zero it is not counted in the Book of Business Report so the total number of policies and clients shown on that report will be incorrect.

In the absence of mandatory fields, system administrators and business owners should consider audting TAM fields, and this is most easily done using TAM Reports.


Policies with a zero premium We mentioned these above. Generally they are not desirable so an Agency may wish to check these say monthly and ask the CSR responsible to correct them.

Use a Policy Search in TAM Reports and set Extra Criteria "Policy.prem=0.00". Make sure the CSR code and/or field name is included in the output fields.

Clients with no Phone or Email Address Agencies rely on communication and if this is not made as easy as possible then business slows down. You can check the Customer Detail Screen PH-R and PH-B fields, and Email field, to look for blanks. Use a Customer Main Field search.

Policies with No Producer Code This code is important for transactions and TAM takes it from the Billing screen. Again, a search can be run to find blanks.