Text Messaging from within TAM

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Text Messaging in TAM - Who Knew!!

Text Messaging can be done in TAM by placing the phone number and service provider's information in an email field.

You will need to have both items to successfully send a text message.

The text message will be attached to the Client file in the same fashion as an email.

If the person to whom you sent the text message replies, it will arrive in your email INBOX.

Drag and Drop can be used to attach it to the client file.

As with any text message, you are limited to the size of the message.

If you need to provide a lengthier comment, email would probably be a better communication choice.

The address to send a text message would look something like the following (with "x' being the phone number):


Below are listed some of the service providers:

United States -

  • AT&T -------------- phonenumber@txt.att.net
  • SPRINT ---------- phonenumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com
  • T-MOBILE ------ phonenumber@tmomail.net
  • VERIZON ------- phonenumber@vtext.com

Canada -

  • BELL and SOLO----- phonenumber@txt.bell.ca
  • ROGERS--------------- phonenumber@pcs.rogers.com
  • FIDO--------------------- phonenumber@fido.ca
  • TELUS ----------------- phonenumber@msg.telus.com
  • VIRGIN MOBILE---- phonenumber@vmobile.ca
  • PC MOBILE---------- phonenumber@mobiletxt.ca
  • ---------------------------- phonenumber@msg.koodomobile.com
  • ---------------------------- phonenumber@sms.sasktel.com
  • ---------------------------- phonenumber@pcs.sasktelmobility.com
  • MTS ALLSTREAM INC / MANATOBA TELECOM Scvs INC ---- phonenumber@text.mts.net