Report Errors and Their Fixes

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Known Errors in TAM Reports and Suggestions for Fixing

TAM Reports is generally stable and errors are not frequent. However when they do occur, they are often in a different form from that encountered elsewhere in TAM, and they can have knock-on effects which need a two-stage approach to fixing.

"Failed to find criteria"

User was trying to save/load report criteria. Likely that user’s criteria are somehow corrupted. Reset criteria via Utility Manager and always save reports as User Defined instead of saving a criteria version.

“SQL error, alias “Cust” is not found”

Try reset criteria and reindex. However, the following is from the Insurecom (UK Support) online Knowledgebase, and worked for us:

SQL Error Running Any Search Report with Extra Criteria, Alias 'xxxxxxx' is not found, where xxxxxxx is the name of a TAM database file. Solution: In any version of TAM, you must select a field from the database your extra criteria specifies, or you will get the error.

This suggests an extra criterion has been incorrectly set, for example copied from another report which accesses different databases.

Microsoft Visual FoxPro, fatal exception code C00000FD

Occurred after reports had been re-indexed following another error for another user. Cleared itself later in the day, try logging out of TAM and back in.

Landscape/Portrait problem

Reports which usually print landscape are now printing portrait. Check user’s printers. Has normal default printer been lost or changed?

Report Error 31

Occurred for one user only. "1738 Invalid subscript reference" when running Status of Accounts report. 1. Clicked through error messages "variable does not exist" and then report came off OK. 2. Support suggested trying Reset Criteria for this one user only, then reindex (also try just reset without reindex).

NB also got “invalid subscript” when criteria had not correctly loaded – field showed as “selected” but no field had actually gone into choice area.

Report Error 36

Message: Command contains unrecognised phrase/keyword. When trying to save a User Defined Report (UDR) as a Custom Report. Support suggested resetting criteria, but not sure how this would help since this is a UDR. Try recreating UDR and saving as Custom Report again – this worked. Cause not known, may be a defective report from older TAM version.

Report Error 107

  • “Operator/operand type mismatch”, line 198. Aged Debtors report. The “Exclude” criteria had been set (presumably accidentally) to “before date XX/YY/ZZ” whereas it should have been “Exclude after end of month”.
  • “Operator/operand type mismatch”, line 46. Also “FRMERRSTART.CMDPRINT.CLICK”. User trying to access Reports module. Cause unknown, fixed by Reports reindex.

Report Error 193

One user only. "Could not create process "J:\WINTAM\winrpts\winrpts.exe –t”. Try Reset Criteria, then reindex.

Report Error 1426

“OLE error, a lock violation has occurred.” Line number 411. Cause unknown, one user only. Reports re-index cleared this but may have been a coindicence. Previous times this error has rectified itself later in the day.

Report Error 1705

File access denied. Occurs when trying to re-index Reports, suggests a user is in the Reports program.

Report does not exist, line no. 433

This was a permissions issue, regarding user’s main drive temporary file address.

Report set up error

User unable to print Accounts Reconciliations report. Error message: reindex TAM Reports. Occurred after 7.1 to 7.3 upgrade problems.

Report Defect

No error message. Activity report for a team by operator showed incorrect low figure for one activity type for one user. Tried looking for closed items only, which showed correct figure, then went back and did “all” again, and this seemed to clear it.

Reports unable to open MS Excel: “Excel not found…”

This was after a new server had been installed, and occurs first time a user tries to run a report into Excel. TAM is looking for Excel on P: drive when it is now C: drive. Change setting in WINTAM.INI file, 2 places under “Components” and Components32”. Need to log out and in again.

For Excel 2007, use: SpreadsheetExecutable=C:\PROGRA~1\MICROS~2\Office12\EXCEL.EXE

Make sure you change the correct WINTAM file – under Wintam folder on C:

Note: If a user is unable to print Reports to excel try removing “PROGRA~1” text string from the INI file.