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TAM entity records are given an 7-digit identifying code at point of creation. These codes are used to link the various databases to ensure users can access connected information easily.

The reference code normally reflects the entity name (see Customer Codes) and if that name changes then the code no longer has an intuitve connection to the entity. Examples are Customers who marry, and insurers/companies that merge or are bought by others.

The utility can be used to change codes for:

  • Prospects
  • Customers
  • Insurers/Companies
  • Agents/Brokers
  • CSR
  • Employee
  • Producer
  • Supplier/Vendor
  • Other Interest/Lienholder
  • Policy Type

This utility changes ALL entries throughout TAM, including history items.

Reference codes cannot be changed at user level, but an administration utility exists to enable changes. The following conditions must be met before the utility can be run:

(i) all other users are out of TAM

(ii) there are no open accounting reconciliations

Process (1) - Load Changes

The Rename Utility takes the required changes from a text file NIGHTREN.QUE, which is held in the Applied\TAM\SAV folder. This is created when changes are entered into the utility application. This can be done with users in the system, but you need to open the version of Utility Manager that is not in TAM's Homebase screen (i.e. start - programs - applied - utility manager). The Rename Codes utility is under the General branch.

Select this and you will get a message that there are users in the system. Click cancel here, and yes to queue for night.

Enter the entity type, current code and desired new code - you will get a message if the desired code already exists. Save changes as you exit.

Note that there is a Remove button for deleting entries prior to applying the changes.

Process (2) - Apply Changes

If you have met the two conditions above, open the Rename utility, and you will be given the Option of loading existing code changes (created in step 1 above), or adding the changes at this point.

When you click on Start, a Database Re-Index process begins. This can take some time depending on the size of your databases. Once this is complete, the system proceeds to change each entity code one by one, using NDX files (WREN-100, WREN-101, etc) in the TAM\SAV folder. These represent a different Database file in each case and are created by the system prior to the code change taking place. They are refreshed daily if you have loaded changes mid-month. This re-index is the longest part of the process usually. Customer and Prospect codes take typically 10-20 seconds each after that, more if there is a large number of Attachments on the entity.

Insurer/Company changes can take up to an hour or more if there is a large number of Transactions to be dealt with. You should check the box to update the GL account during the process. In practice, many agencies live with codes staying unchanged for years. The name of the company can easily be changed in TAM, so people get used to associating the old code with the new name.

Check insurer/company balances as you may need to manually journal items around as a final tidy-up on the new code.


An interruption of the rename process can be very frustrating, since you may only have a short window of opportunity once a month, and perhaps on an evening when you'd rather be out enjoying yourself.

Some users say they rename hundreds of codes at one go, however the recommended number is 20-25. Minimising this number reduces the impact of any system crash.

Known Issues:

  • An exception occurred, wren32.exe.

Error message “XXX would be incorrectly plural in Attach_G.DBF”. This indicates Attachments with the same reference numbers, and may need Ssupoort assistance to identify and clear.

  • TFILE J:\TAM\SAV\WREN-nnn.NDX not found, aborting

nnn here is a 3 digit number. There are various suggested solutions on the Knowledge Base but make sure there are no open TAM fles on the server; best practice is to restart the server as well if possible. Support can supply replacement WREN DBF and NDX files which when copied over the existing ones, should fix the issue.

  • An exception occurred, wren32.exe, Number: 2147745827.

Desc: Index 65537 is not open in this Table. Likely to need Support to replace 4 WREN DBF files.

Knowledge Base article KB~ 4924 suggests adding a line to TAMGLOB.ini file, re memory cache.

  • iesync.dll is missing

Likely to be a UK issue only. This occurred during a Rename routine but the renames went through OK. Support suggested copying the dll file from Applied\Wintam to Applied\apps\ieoffice\data to prevent re-occurrence.

  • Transact Account missing in GLEDGER

If the Night Utilities prints show an error: “Transact account XXX is missing in GLEDGER”, then the rename for company/insurer XXX is defective. Add the GL account back in via Utility Manager – Chart of Accounts Maintenance – Enter/Revise Chart. Find the XXX account under the 2100 section.


The Rename utility application is \\Applied\WINTAM\WREN32.EXE