Moving Claims Between Policies

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Occasionally users create a new claim on the wrong policy under a client record. TAM has a Reassign Claims utility to enable this type of error to be corrected.

  • This is a "hidden" utility not found in Utility Manager
  • It requires network administrative rights to run
  • It cannot move claims between clients, only between policies within a single client record

The executable file is \\Applied\wintam\CLMAFFIX.EXE. Run this file and enter the client reference.

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Note that the utility allows the reassignment of:

- Claims between policies

- Claimants between claims

- Claims Notes between claims

- Claims Payments between claims

Find the claim in question in the list, highlight it, then highlight the correct policy in the lower list. Click Reassign. This connects the claim to the correct policy for future actions. For example formletters and report will show the correct Company/Insurer.

You can only see the current policies, and cannot move claims to any History policy record.

Note At the user level, on the Claim Detail Screen, the policy type and policy number will have changed but the Company/Insurer code and name will not. If you need to have these changed (and remember behind the scnese TAM knows the correct policy) you will need to directly edit the claims database, CLAIMS.DBF. Warning Direct editing of DBF files is not encouraged by Applied Systems and may invalidate your support contract. If you wish to do this, always take a back up copy of the DBF first and do not access it whilst users are in the system.