Moving Attachments Between Policies

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There is no utility in TAM to move Attachments between policies or between clients, unlike for Claims.

Therefore if an error is made in the original creation process, the user is unable to alter the link to a specific policy line. Note also that if a user has rights to edit a document, when closing it after the edit, the system appears to give the option to change the policy line. This in fact does not change it, and the link to the original remains.

It may be possible to change this by direct edit of the ATTACH databse but this is not recommended. If the link is significant the best option may be to either delete the original attachment (if rights permit) and start again, or to copy the text and paste into a new blank document.

If the attachment is on the wrong Client (and it does happen!) then the best way to handle this is for the user to send the document to themselves from TAM by email, then attach to correct client from the received email. Again the original can then be deleted. This method could be used to swap between policies as well.