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Commercial Policy download can save a great amount of time compared to manually updating policies. However, accomplishing it well has not been as straight forward as personal lines download. Common Issues to consider to make commercial lines download successful:

  1. Make sure operators utilize the ACORD form fields as they are intended. Do not use fields to hold data other than they are designated to hold. Doing so may cause the data to be "lost" when the download comes in. Even if the fields are not populated by the download, they be in the future, or carriers may send blank records to those fields, which will wipe out any manual entries. Consider creating a custom dec to hold data that doesn't fit the application.
  2. If the insurance carrier sends empty data that clears valid data in fields that they don't populate, talk to the carrier about proper use of "null bytes" or question marks. Sending a "null byte" will move data out of the field upon download. Ask them not to send null if they aren't populating the field. There are situations where a null bytes is preferred, such as empty fields in the Named Insured area. If a Named Insured is deleted, then sending a null byte will remove them from the application where otherwise it may remain even though its been removed from the policy.
  3. Start with simplified lines, like Workers Compensation & Commercial Auto. These are usually much more standardized plus the forms have more fields to hold premium data. BOP and Commercial Auto are usually the next most successful.
  4. Be Patient - Acord is updating commercial applications with download in mind and adding premium fields and more coverage fields. This will make download work better.

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Note: Commercial Download is a North Amercan feature and is not available in the UK.