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How do you make a user defined transaction code that behaves just like the "MEM" transaction?  I would use MEM but it is already very popular and I need to be able to run a report on something that has no accounting impact other than list the dollar figures and descriptions.

I have made many user defined transaction codes but they all relate to a general ledger account.

Heather Reetz:
Are you on Epic?  If so, you can create a transaction code and leave the GL account info blank.  We use this for fees that just "pass through" us.  If you're still on TAM, I'm sorry, but I've already forgotten most of the TAM world.  :-\

It appears that on TAM, one must associate an account number with a user-defined transaction.  There is no way to circumvent that.  That's probably why the process shows up in Receivables in order to add a user-defined transaction.  Evidently there's no way to filter the info you want with the MEM? 

I made people stop using MEM here because they'd use it and then forget to use the actual NEW or REN.  It happened on a couple of really large accounts and enough was enough.  Now, we have a memo set up to fill in the blanks with what would be an MEM transaction.  It has been working well.

We use MEM transactions for those people who don't pay the full amount due.  For example, instead of $1,000 they pay $973.20.  The whole transaction is still in the system, but they will get a MEM invoice for the $26.80 that they are short.  The A/R handles the aging of the original transactions. 

Now I have other needs for such type of transaction effect.  Maybe it is best handled as an activity.  I'll have to look into that, it offers some advantages because it can show follow up and customer contact attempts.


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