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Income statement to Excel?


I was asked this morning if the Income Statement could be exported to Excel and I said I didn't think so, but I thought I'd ask here just to be sure.  One of the owners wants an Excel sheet with the basic income statement info and then wants to put "what if" numbers in it.  I said I thought the best thing was to set one up the way he wants it and save it and then play around with numbers.  He actually only wants one or two columns beside the account names, so it wouldn't take long to do.

Was I wrong to suggest that?

Sherry Burrell:
I think you can export to Excel.  I know you can in Epic and those types of things are not a lot different from TAM to Epic.

It's been a long time for me in TAM, but most reports can have the output as Excel. Summary reports get messed up doing that, but I don't think the Income report will.

Jim Jensen:
Yes, you can. Just choose Excel- raw Data as the destination instead of Report. It will not be formatted like the report though. that should be a given since its Excel, but it looks very different. No breaks between sections, including Income and Expenses sections. Numbers are + or - based on whether they are debit or credit. If you're not a bookkeeper/accountant, it will take a little getting to used to it.

Thanks for that news.  I will try it myself and see what happens.   :)


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