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Jan Regnier:
The two that have been reviewed so far are : Blue Butler and Kotter Group.  Is there someone else out there worth looking at?

VoIP service, VoIP phones?  VoIP is kind of broad.  Are you looking to get a hosted phone system, or just hosted phones, VoIP into you offie for your on-premises phone system?

Jan Regnier:
A hosted phone system....for the new office that is being renovated for the merger of our agency with another agency (still in the works)... not just phones....  This is a little out of my league as i haven't spent any time trying to learn what this is about since I knew we would never be going that direction.  However, the new situation is changing that and this was an item being looked into.  They are looking at conference calls with video, attaching texts and phone calls (however, I will say copy/paste doesn't do anything for me! and having a hyperlink doesn't either - either it attaches to the client or it doesn't) - I wasn't impressed by what I saw this morning but a new phone system is going to put in this renovated building so it may as well be "current" technology.

Tom Fisher:
There are so many hosted VoIP providers out there.  The important things to have when going with a hosted VoIP Phone system is: 1) business grade firewall/router where QoS (quality of service) rules can be set and Bandwidth.  And bandwidth.   

Do you have an IT service provider?  They might have a solution they recommend/support or are even partnered with and resell for.

Billy Welsh:
And you REALLY want the bandwidth to come from the VoIP provider IF POSSIBLE.

Otherwise when there's a problem, you get into the back & forth finger pointing:  the VoIP provider tells you that it's a problem with the bandwidth provider, and the bandwidth provider tells you the problem is with the VoIP system/equipment/provider.

We rarely provide hosted VoIP over someone else's network for this reason.  It works MUCH better when you control soup to nuts.  And actually diagnosing the problem does not require that we call someone else's tech support.


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