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Failed Mycloud ex4 raid 5

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Joshua Conner:
Anyone know how to get data off of a failed raid 5 nas drive.

I have a WD my cloud EX4 that just got bricked on a software update.

I have 4 hard drives in it in a raid 5 the data on it wasnt critical but I would like it back if possible.  I was using it as large cheap storage for stuff I didnt care too much about.

I believe it uses the linux file system.  I tried to mount one drive in windows and it wouldnt do it.

Jeff Golas:
Mounting that drive was not a good thing. Raid 5 does not just mirror the disks, it lays data on the disks a certain way where chunks of the data is also copied amongst all the drives.

You can try reaching out to WD tech support, but raid is likely hardware driven and has to be recovered with the disks in that unit.

There may be methods, but I've never done it before.  Would be a learning process and could be quite technical.

Joshua Conner:
I guess it needed a good nap I left it unplugged in my office from Thursday till today after lunch and it came back on!!!!

Hmm should I trust it or replace it?

I say trust it  ;D


I'd go through and verify that you are ok with losing what's on it if you are going to "trust it".


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