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Any additional equipment to handle Buffering when watching presentations?

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Jan Regnier:
Acuity offers CE Classes online and we have taken advantage of them (and they are relatively good!) - however, buffering takes place too often and is totally annoying let alone time stealer.  Is there any item that can assist in getting this issue rectified?

We just have 2 T1 lines for internet connection.



--- Quote from: Jan Regnier on September 24, 2018, 03:20:57 pm ---We just have 2 T1 lines for internet connection.

--- End quote ---

This may be your culprit.    You have 3Mbps download speed max, and likely are operating at less than that.  I'd recommend looking for something newer, cable, or whatever is available in your area.   3Mbps is just very slow for today's Internet, in my opinion.

15Mbps would be much better.

Jan Regnier:
Thanks Mark...that was what I was afraid of....I don't know if owner is willing to press on with newer connection...

I would expect a business class cable connection to cost considerably less than what you are paying for 2 T1.  I don't know what's available in your area, though.  So, I guess I could be wrong.

I agree with Mark!  You can get cable min 100mb for less than 2 T1 lines.   Outdated product and over priced in my opinion.


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