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Tom Fisher:
I have a specific technical question and then a general question about DORIS.

1)  Does anyone know anything about setting up DORIS to run on a terminal server as a remote app?

2)  Where did Doris come from, why does it exist?  What's it's back story?  I've known the name for years but not anything about it and now I'm servicing a client who is on it and am just curious.

Applied bought them long while back I think.  Don't know much about it.   Applied selling a cloud version but product if I recall is about as old as TAM comes in many flavors meaning where people chose to stay put at.  Applied keeps it for small agencies.

Before Applied it was which now redirects back to Applied.

Here is an old card file pre-dates applied.

Jim Jensen:
DORIS was originally owned by Rough Notes, I think. It was designed for the small agencies. I mean small shop, like 4-5 people. It had limited functionality and I assume it still does. No accounting module? I looked at it 20 years ago when we purchased applied. We fit their target size, but it did not fit my desired functionality. I doubt there has been much upgrading to it in many years, outside of required updates to continue functioning in an advancing OS atmosphere.

I always wished I could see the DORIS program in use.  Never did.  I wonder how many actual DORIS users there still are?  I can't remember if the info on DORIS users was on the member/nonmember listings when I was chapter president.  I do recall getting the info for one of our meetings because Jim Kellner was the speaker and it was several months after the DORIS acquisition and we wanted Jim to inform everyone about what was happening at Applied.  (The meeting was kind of like TENCon for those who didn't or couldn't go-they still got the Kellner speech and they could ask questions of him.)

Jeff Golas:
Not sure if this is is part of an acquisition or you're looking for a small AMS, but if it's the latter, check out EZ Lynx Agency Management System. They seem to be updating it a lot.


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