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Vertifore Online Licensing Gotcha


Jeff Golas:
Saw this in another forum and figured I'd pass it along here:

Vertafore AMS360 online License alert

For those using AMS360, we got a nasty surprise yesterday.  We "own" 120 cloud licenses and went to check on who they were assigned to.  Vertafore support informed us there was NO REPORT that could show active SSO users (strange right?).  So we did it manually and discovered that of the 120 licenses only 113 were in use and yet we showed no available licenses (which have a pricey upfront cost and forever monthly cost).

Why?  Because Vertafore online automatically de-activates users who have not logged on  for 90 days  and (wait for it) DOES NOT RELEASE THE LICENSES.  So we were paying monthly license fees on de-activated users.  We were never notified and there is no report that will show you this. 

I wanted to post this in case others were not aware.   I have never heard of such a practice in the past #insanity.

well that sux   :(

How to dissatisfy your customer

Jeff Zylstra:
They continue to charge you for user licenses that you can't ever use again.  Does anyone else see a class action lawsuit coming?  I would think that almost any judge in the world would see this as being against public policy and general principles of fairness.  Keep us posted on this.  Should be good reading.

Alice Mooney:
There is a report to use that lists every user, last login date and how many days since last login.

They continue to charge you for user licenses that you can't ever use again.
This is not true. I'm thinking someone needs a little education on how to deactivate VSSO licenses. I do it all the time.
Feel free to have this person reach out to me next week (s/b on vaca this week) and I'm pretty sure I can help explain things.

<edit> Just so you know, every time Vertafore says 'no', I make it my business to find another way. Think you all remember my rants about Vertafore support  ;)


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