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Applied Performance Management (APM)

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Tom Fisher:
Anyone using this with TAM or Epic?

Looking on overall experience, feedback, etc.

Jeff Golas:
We demo'd it. First off, its BRUTALLY expensive! Second, it didn't work for us, mostly in that we have some agency bill and some direct bill clients, so we were only getting 50% of the picture at any given time due to the criteria Applied uses to get the numbers, so it flat out didn't work for us.

The idea is good, but they need to make it more tweakable.

Tom Fisher:
Thanks Jeff...

How long ago did you demo it? 

Are you saying it wont give accurate data if you have both agency and db clients - or does it only work with one or the other at a time?
  Either way - that sounds ridiculous - so many agents have a mix.

Jeff Golas:
Literally 2-3 weeks ago. You may have to double-check with Applied, but it wasn't that it was completely off-base as some of the reports pull from effective dates of policies, but the accounting data certainly was.

I really like this product as was excited to show it to management & agency principles.  They thought it was neat, but then looked at me and asked "what would we use it for?"

For us right now, that answer is 100% nothing.  However, in a year or two or three, we may have a use for it.


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