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I have a windows 2012 server whose drive is full (388.13 GB). The sole function of this server is primary domain controller and print server.

I'm imagining this is full of Microsoft updates. Is it safe to delete them? How do I delete them? I have never done this before, as I generally rotated servers out before this happened.


If you manage Windows Updates with WSUS you can use the clean up utility within WSUS.



Jeff Golas:
Best bet if there's any room at all, to install Windirstat and let it rip on the C drive to analyze what's all there. I'll bet its built up logs that are really filling it. Windirstat will give you an awesome visual with what's all on the drive.

Secondly...if you have zero space and need some emergency space, you can try manually setting the virtual memory setting under performance to something small, like 1 gig, that may free up some temp space.


Sorry I'm just seeing this now.  The suggestion of WinDirStat is a great one.  There may be something obvious that you can delete (one large ISO image or something similar).  If this server is a VM and you have available space in your datastore, you can easily expand the hard drive.

I would probably start with CleanMgr:

--- Code: ---%windir%\system32\cleanmgr.exe
--- End code ---

Thanks. that will help.


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