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External Drive - format for MS Server 2012 R2 backup


Jan Regnier:
I need to figure out how to format external BU drives for MS 2012 R2 backup program.  I know how to use the program - we have 3 HDs I rotate but one has gone bad.  I have two new drives.  I formated them but they don't show up as a drive to select to back up to.  I am figuring I formated them incorrectly. 

I followed the "guide" to format the drives.

I used "Manage"\disk management...I didn't assign a drive letter...should I have?
The disks show up and as online in Disk Management but they don't show up in the program as an option to back up to....

Are there any YOUTUBE vids out there that show that process?  I looked briefly this afternoon but didn't find what I was looking for.  I don't need to know HOW to set up the back up - I need to know how to prepare the drive to use in the backup...

As Always....thanks....

Charlie Charbonneau:
Give them a drive letter, then adjust your backup to add the drive in.  MS Backup will format the drive for you and remove the drive letter.

Jan Regnier:
Thanks Charlie,  that did it.  I reformated and added a drive letter.  They now show up as an option in the backup list. ;D

Charlie Charbonneau:
You're welcome!


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