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Jim Jensen:

--- Quote from: Bob on June 08, 2016, 02:38:05 pm ---Open office has a product called Apache which is a flow chart creator.  I would try using it.

--- End quote ---

Great suggestion! I forgot about Open Office

Billy Welsh:
Open Office does a very good job on these.

Lynn Stillings:
I used Chartist for a number of years, pretty basic and simply to use. It's still out there, and very reasonably priced.

We now use SmartDraw, it does flowcharts and whole LOT more that you may not need. It's pretty good, but does way more than the average person probably is looking for.

We used RFFlow years ago.  Looks like they are still around: http://www.rff.com/index.htm

Kenny Cruzan:
We use Smart Draw.


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