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Heather Reetz:
What's a good one out there? 

Jim Jensen:
MS Visio used to be. Is it still around?

Visio isn't free.   Could use a free trial before buying?  Part of MS Office 365 and it's good. 

I am not a fan of FREE apps (usually come with free malware or worse) unless open source like open office, but when ever I can, I use open office before buying an app.    Open office has a product called Apache which is a flow chart creator.  I would try using it.


Debbie Fuson:
I would think Visio would be the main one.  I donít have Visio, so I just use PDFX-Change Editor.  It lets me draw boxes and arrows and stuff, so it works.

Jeff Golas:
I believe Visio does offer a free trial via O365, but there's powerpoint that can be used sometimes, and I'm sure there's a ton of other tools. Let us know if you find something good because I need something like this as well.


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