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Rating Services Intergration Error - File does not exist

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We are having a problem that Applied has not been able to resolve to date, in part due to it's complete unpredictability and sporadic (although frequent) behavior. Wondering if anyone else has run into this and may have a solution...

With a rating services (formerly Compu-Quote) quote open, user clicks:
> Integration > Broker Management System
and gets the attached error message right out of the gate. Clicking ok simply closes the error and nothing else happens.

We are on the most current version of Rating Services, Windows Terminal Server 2008R2 and TAM 2014R2 (which we just updated to it, but error was occurring with TAM 12 as well and I don't think it's TAM related).

For example how difficult this has been to trouble shoot, a user received the error, then I tried from my profile and same error, I also tried copying and requoting and still same error. Then 30 min later she decided to try again and it worked. There is no additional data provided with the error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Jeff Golas:
You can use "Process Explorer" to monitor what file its looking for as a start, but really if you're paying for something that doesn't work, start asking them what kind of refund/discount you'll get.

Based on an early post with TAM and Utility manager need rights, now this, I think (almost certain) your terminal server isn't configured properly giving rights needed or even drive mappings.

I can't help fix it as I have full time job like you but someone else here on AU may have the time to help you getting it setup.   I use TS too and 4 remote locations as well.

If "they"our au friends are busy too, you can contact Nick Oliver at AIS or Steve Hart at Advantage Micro.   Search members both have accounts on AU.  They can help from anywhere, don't need to be onsite.   TS is not set up properly to have rights issue's with tam and missing 3rd party apps. :)

Good luck!

At Applied's suggestion, I re-ran the Rating Services integration utility and it's now been a couple of days since I've heard from anyone receiving the "File does not exist" error. A different support person does not believe this would solve the issue but I'll keep my fingers crossed in the meantime. It had disappeared for a few days before so I'm not 100% Convinced yet.  Another issue we're still having with integration (Runtime 383 error) when integrating into an already created policy line is apparently a known issue and fixed in 2015 but no hotfix for 2014R2. We are working around it in the meantime by letting Rating Services create the new policy line on integration which seems to work. I will probably wait for another MU before considering 2015 as it's a bit too fresh of a release for me.

Bob, thanks for the suggestion but our TS is configured with the appropriate rights and drive mappings. It's worked fine for the past 3 years exactly as configured with several versions of Rating Services and TAM 12. Issues only started when we updated Rating Services several months ago and then again when updating TAM to 2014R2.  Seems like most of the issues we're experiencing are known to Applied, (which is why I hate having to update from stable versions) but I seem to have to speak with 4 people before finding this out. Turns out the Utility Manager is a known UAC issue as well and there is a PMR out for both TAM 2014R2 and 2015, so we've had to work around this too in the meantime which is a pain but manageable for the time being.

Got forwarded to the development team who discovered a bug in the coding. How it only affected us I'll never know but they had me drop in a replacement file and that should do the trick. Apparently the fix is being included in an upcoming (2 from now) release as well.

Had to do with the Intpush.exe file in case anyone runs into this.


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