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We signed up!  You all know how I feel about automation!   

Not sure when you looked at it Jeff G but I think it looks great and performs even better. 

Frankly does more than EPIC..  I like how a cancellation notice downloaded can call a client and remind them or send email or text as well.   I like how incoming emails get automatically attached (it searches entire database for match, then attaches).   It can do a lot, these were just a couple of my favorites.   Plus Cell phone app/Tablet apps are included.   Can work anywhere anytime. Back in 80s early 90s (then NAUGAS now ASCnet) I was all about TAM and trying to find ways to save steps, increase productivity.   TAM over stayed it's technical life which it became a liability.  We were slaves to data input and lots of tedious work.   So with EPIC charging to convert, charging to train and more increased costs, it was time to compare the other products and players and not talk with blinders on TAM is best..  ROFL!

When looking for a complete management system that included accounting, that reduces competition to about 4-5 player, Nexsure was the best product we saw.   It's more mature than EPIC. EPIC has a ways to go to catch up.  Best part..  I don't have to wait a year on TAM before I can move.  3 months from start to finish.

We signed up! Nobody having any regrets nor will anyone miss TAM.  Everyone here is excited to move.  Have no idea how much time is wasted each day in TAM and Fossil technology until you see 1st hand.  If you do a demo, you need to do several (too much to grasp in one demo) and bring your questions but leave the TAM terminology at the door as it will hold you back.  Just think insurance!

Regardless of the  product I use, you all are still my peers and we share this industry so I'll still be around!  Can't tell you how elated I am to say we are finally done and wash our hands of TAM something we've used since 1989..  Much much too long.  :)


Alice Mooney:
Just out of curiosity Greg, about how many AMS agencies have gone your way?  We went from TAM to AMS over two years ago and I'm still not liking it.  No chance of ever changing - they're too committed now - but I'm curious just the same.

Actually "Yes", we have many X-AMS360 agencies who have moved to Nexsure.  I appreciate Bob's comments related to EPIC also...we actually have some agencies that had switched from TAM to EPIC and have since left EPIC and moved to Nexsure.

So Bob.... Vegas?  Are you at least going to show up Rowe style??  ;D

Will the chief moderator please split this topic into the new existing 'Nexsure' forum?  Please?


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