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Web Front End for SQL Database


Steven Strauss:
Can anyone recommend a service/product that will achieve the following: I would like to create a form-based web front-end that would place the data into a SQL database. The form would be very basic: just text boxes to capture keyed information. The only other functionality I would conceivably need is the ability to use the web-based front-end to attach documents stored on our network. This would be for internal use only, perhaps published to our intranet. As this is WAY beyond my area of expertise, I'd appreciate any/all thoughts. Thanks.

Joshua Conner:
this probably wont help much but we just asked our ad firm for something very similar and they used google api's to get it done and it works and looks great.

Otherwise you're looking at something like SharePoint, or maybe Sharepoint Services (free) if that still exists.  Or creating something in ASP, .NET, or PHP.

Jeff Golas:
DoForms does exactly that, and with the right addons will integrate with a SQL backend.

Also if you look into "Document Management" plugins for the various CMS systems, like Wordpress and Joomla, those do that functionality as well.

Steven Strauss:
Thanks all. Good ideas.


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