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Steven Strauss:
We upgraded from 11.0 to 2014 R2 over this past weekend. We had been on 11.0 for about three years. In the process of the upgrade, I lost all of the extra criteria I had custom written into my reports (I don't use a lot of them, as I do most of my reporting outside TAM). One of the most basic reports is running GL balances at an account level using the search function. I had created a set of extra criteria to only pull information where the month was not zero. It looked something like:

Gledger.m01 <> 0 OR Gledger.m02 <>0 OR Gledger.m03 <> 0 OR Gledger.m04 <> 0 OR
Gledger.m05 <> 0 OR Gledger.m06 <>0 OR Gledger.m07 <> 0 OR Gledger.m08 <> 0 OR
Gledger.m09 <> 0 OR Gledger.m10 <>0 OR Gledger.m11 <> 0 OR Gledger.m12 <> 0

However when I hit the verify button, I get a "Missing operand" error box that pops up. The fact that I don't use these reports often coupled with the fact that I haven't changed this in more than three years has left me flummoxed. Any suggestions/ideas on what I'm doing wrong, and what I need to correct to get this to work?

I think you need double quotes around the 0.  Try:

--- Code: ---Gledger.m01 <> "0" OR Gledger.m02 <> "0" OR Gledger.m03 <> "0" OR Gledger.m04 <> "0" OR
Gledger.m05 <> "0" OR Gledger.m06 <> "0" OR Gledger.m07 <> "0" OR Gledger.m08 <> "0" OR
Gledger.m09 <> "0" OR Gledger.m10 <> "0" OR Gledger.m11 <> "0" OR Gledger.m12 <> "0"
--- End code ---

Edit: Missed the quotes around zeros for m02, m06, and m10.

Steven Strauss:
Still get the missing operand with the quotes around the zero as you mentioned. Really odd. Was sure that I had remembered how to do this. Now beleive that the left monitor is conspiring with the right. May roof-test them both...

ah, I missed some zeros!  Did you catch that or did you copy and paste?  I used notepad and replaced text,  Didn't catch the 0's without a space to the left of them.

Steven Strauss:
Nope: I went in and edited quotes around all zeros. Did not work.


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