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Toni Forte:
I was wondering if anyone would share their Virtual server configuration for TAM (we are on 12.2) in regards to how much CPU, RAM, etc you have allotted for this server in.  We are running VMware ver 5 with TAM running on Server 2008R2 with 70 users. 
Lately we have seen performance issues and wondered if we should allot more power &/or memory to correct what we are seeing.

Thanks in advance!

My file server, which hosts a lot more than just TAM, has 4 cores and 4 GB of RAM.

VMware 5.5, but the host it's currently on is still at 4.x.  Gettig to that, though.

Toni Forte:
Just verified we only have 1 core & 4GB memory.

2 processor sockets, 4 cores per socket, 16 logical processors, hyperthreading active.  vSphere 4.x

16GB dedicated to the 2K8R2 machine, 4 cpus.

I need someone to take a look at my setup though and improve the performance.  I'm sure it could be better.

Jeff Zylstra:

--- Quote from: Toni Forte on March 03, 2014, 03:16:36 pm ---Just verified we only have 1 core & 4GB memory.

--- End quote ---

A single core processor sounds a bit anemic for 70 users.  Multi-core processors have been around for quite a  while now.  How old is this server?


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