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Marie (Zionkowski) Gozikowski:
Good Luck, Alice!

Alice Mooney:

--- Quote from: Flag Waving American on January 07, 2014, 04:31:12 pm ---Congrats Alice!   ;D   You mean there is life after TAM?

--- End quote ---
Ya know...I sooo want to comment, but promised myself no more bashing b/c I get angry all over again and it makes my blood pressure spike.  Getting too old for that $hite.
But I still have much I'd like to say...just wrong forum to do so.
Still luv ya, Hans  ;)


--- Quote from: Alice on January 07, 2014, 10:07:14 am ---I am no longer in the IT department.  I now work for insurance. This is a good thing and I'm looking forward to actively contributing instead of just recommending. Since there's no longer an agency management system that requires inside technical support, I am free to help insurance focus on such things like procedures/workflows so they can hold the users accountable and eventually pass audits with flying colors; be involved in projects from the beginning instead of towards the end when IT got involved; and many more things and whatever else they need.
New year - "new" job. Very exciting!
Wish me luck!!

--- End quote ---

Yay!  Very happy for your Alice!

Good Luck in your new role Alice!


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