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Alice Mooney:
I am no longer in the IT department.  I now work for insurance. This is a good thing and I'm looking forward to actively contributing instead of just recommending. Since there's no longer an agency management system that requires inside technical support, I am free to help insurance focus on such things like procedures/workflows so they can hold the users accountable and eventually pass audits with flying colors; be involved in projects from the beginning instead of towards the end when IT got involved; and many more things and whatever else they need.
New year - "new" job. Very exciting!
Wish me luck!!

Good luck!  Sounds a bit less frustrating for you!

Jan Regnier:
Good Luck, Alice....  Happy you will be doing what you find more productive! It's much better to guide it from the beginning rather than shoveling up the crap from the end!  ;D

Bloody Jack Kidd:
Good Luck!

Jeff Zylstra:
Fantastic! It sounds like these people will be nicer to you and appreciate you more.    I'm so happy for you! 


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