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Dell Monitor Stands


Billy Welsh:
Most of our recent monitor purchases (mainly 22" wide) have come with one of these stands.  They swivel, tilt, allow turning the monitor from landscape to portrait, and are height adjustable.  I have a number of them collecting dust because we've used after market stands instead, and I am now out of storage space.

So if you can use them and are willing to pay for shipping, let me know and they are yours.

Jeff Golas:
Ive had battles over those stands for some time. I wanted to store x mount (if you pack them in opposite ways you can fit quite a number of them into a box). I had to throw away a bunch because when we moved we just didn't have the room and I just didn't feel like carting them all out, so now I have a good handful of 17" monitors I'm retiring that have no stands because the 17" models used slightly different mounts/screw holes.


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