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Looks like I will be starting (unknown date, or salary - which could kill the deal) as Health Insurance Investigator with the State Dept of Ins in Hawaii.  Wow - the private companies to which I made applications mostly just didn't respond, or it was "more experience than we are looking for" - I think translated to too old?  State positions I applied for I at least got a response.  This one looks to be very interesting.  (Hawaii has had prepaid health care law sine 1976, if employed 20 hours a week must be provided by employer with employer paying a large part of it.  We have a waiver in Obamacare so only the things that are additional go into effect here.)

Exciting!  Best of Luck to you!

Marie (Zionkowski) Gozikowski:
Congrats Lance!

Sounds good, Lance!  Hope it works out.

Jeff Zylstra:
Congratulations, Lance.   Hope this one works out for you!


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