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Automating night utilities


Are you looking to automate your Night Utilities and other night tasks? I have the solution for you!

What I offer is an application that can take care of running your unlock32, unlock reports, close-day, and Night Utilities. Why choose my program over other utilities such as AutoIt, etc? 

1.  As you may have already experienced, there are many mouse clicks involved with close-day procedures.  Instead of wasting 100s of hours trying to configure other automation programs to work with Night Utilities, my application has all of that worked out already.
2.  My application encrypts user names and passwords for added security, while other automation programs use straight text
3.  It ensures your default printer does not change due to accidental log ins while Night Utilities is running
4.  My application will send out an email notification to you once Night Utilities has completed and closed
5.  I will ensure the application runs properly on your server.  If I cannot make it work, I will provide you a 100% money back guarantee
6.  After purchase of my application, I will provide you one year free technical support
7.  The trial version of my application is available (it will not place any global locks).  However, please note, the trial version will only automate up to a specific point as it is

for demonstration purposes only.    Please purchase the full version of my application in order to automate Night Utilities completely
NOTE: I will require a remote connection to setup the trial/full software
If you are not already convinced, feel free to contact me for further information and/or set up a consultation.  You can also visit my website at

Frank Pepper


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