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Looking for OS scanning solution


We would like to move from back-end to front-end scanning but the TAM tool is lacking.  Specifically we would like the user to receive their batch of mail in a tool that allows them to easily preview each document and potentially rename the file or assign a note so the user can easily find this document later.  Only other feature would be the ability to batch scan with documents separated by page separator pages or similar.

I'm still Googling away but open to suggestions.

Charlie Charbonneau:
Going lo-tech on this one... Scan incoming items to a network folder per user?  Users manage folders/items via PaperPort?  Files can then be, noted, updated, renamed until attached, manually attached or barcodes stacked to item and "batch" scanned. I'd use individual barcodes to client at this point instead of page seperators to inbox. (skip that step!)  Kind of a back/front end scanning hybrid.  Scanned up front but attached in the back? Not sure why I'm having visions of mullets right now...


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