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Port replicators, docking stations


Are there any good generic port replicators / docking stations?  Initial research indicates that there are none. 

I don't have to have one, just thought it would be handy sometimes.

Bloody Jack Kidd:
they all seem to be quiet proprietary... would be nice if there was some kind of standard governing this.


--- Quote from: Rick on September 14, 2009, 03:58:49 pm ---would be nice if there was some kind of standard governing this.

--- End quote ---

Yes and no.  I think that could get messy and could create various limitations.  Sounds like it would be a god idea, but if you were tryign to implement this, I think you'd quickly become unhappy.

At least the ones we have now work!!

Now, you could basically build one using a USB video card, and various other USB items.


Those were big prior to 2003.  After 2003 interest kinda dropped.  With XP and profiles one side answered.   Two benefits of docking station or replicator was profiles and extend or map ports.  Most all modern OSs support profiles and today you can buy most anything USB.   Can even extend displays via USB.  I have not done so but believe Marie has a few.  This means less demand and like VCR likely on it's way being obsolete.   They are offered but never advertised.  :)

Marie (Zionkowski) Gozikowski:
LOL --- when I first read it, I thought you meant all we had was docking stations :-)

I have a NVidia dual video card and didn't want to install another card, so tried this for the third monitor:


Works great -- software is easy to install... NVidia picked up the 3rd monitor and
allowed me to configure it... no lag once monitor powers up in the morning (takes about
5 seconds longer to start in the AM, but then no appreciable lag at all in actual viewing

Hope this helps!


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