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Complimentary webinar

Maximizing your business with DORIS™ Reports

How well do you know your business?  Are you performing well in your target markets?  How can you grow your business during an economic downturn?  

Reports provide a quantifiable understanding of your business operations, improving your ability to make sound decisions and drive your sales.  

This session takes you through the setup and generation of essential reports you can use to:
* Identify market opportunities
* Improve client retention
* Promote client visibility by increasing touch points
* Understand your work effort and financial gains    
This webinar is designed for clients who are familiar with generating reports and are interested in innovative ways to analyze and use the data to make a positive impact on their business.

A recorded version of this session has been posted on the Applied Systems client portal.

Thanks Andy - linked your post to the calendar.

There are spaces still available.  Go ahead and sign up.

1) It's free
2) It's only an hour
3) You'll walk away being able to better use your system
4) Points 1,2,3 are really good points!

Come on and join us.


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