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Welcome to Applied Users dot Ca
« on: January 25, 2010, 09:14:11 pm »
Hello and welcome:

However you found your way here, welcome and we hope you enjoy your stay.  While as a guest you can poke around and view numerous forums, you cannot post questions or replies.  In addition, certain boards are member only access, including the popular and active Water.Cooler.Talk.

Registration only takes a minute or two and like the fine folks at Amex say "membership has it's privileges".

Please keep in mind, that although we're "AppliedUsers", this site is vendor-agnostic and supports many agency management systems, both old and new.

Hope to see you posting soon!

NOTE:  when your registration has been accepted you will be sent an Activation email, it is not uncommon for these mails to be filtered / quarantined, so if you think your registration is taking a while to process, check to see if the email has been filtered.
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