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I would like to speak with brokers who are using EzLeads and get a feel for
whether it is making them any money or not.

Bloody Jack Kidd:
Hey there!

We have a number of business units that have employed EzLeads with various results.  One of the major keys is how strong is your web presense?  The number of leads you will be getting depends entirely on how strong your web presence is and how often it is hit by prospects.

I would recommend launching fresh and effective web campaigns at least quarterly and have your webmaster or consultant do some SEO work on your site.

Converting the generated leads into sales is another story and depends on the strength of your sales force as well as the pricing and value of your products.

Bloody Jack Kidd:
Where are my manners - forgot i was the moderator of this board!

Welcome to AppliedUsers Debbie.  Hopefully you find this resource useful and the environment welcoming.  Visit often, the more the merrier!



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