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For your little princesses

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Every little princess needs a bow!

For those of you with daughters, nieces, grandaughters, neighbors, etc ...  my wife makes high-quality, handmade hair bows.  They come in ALL kinds of colors and styles ... for EVERY occassion.  She will also customize them based on your requests.

From holidays to glam & glitzy ... to your favorite sports teams so she can join Daddy in full fanfare while watching the game!

They make great, thoughtful and memorable gifts ... and even go great ON gifts!

Check them out here:

Or "like" them on facebook:!/pages/Adorabow/162670733751131

It's a gift no little girl will forget.  She's always remember the "giver" when she wears it!

Nice.  I have a bunch of those princesses at home.  Good post!   :)


I immediately ordered one.

I would like to suggest a few creations with camo ribbons.  Not only pink camo, but the more authentic camo.  Just a thought.  I do have an 11 year shooter whose hair catches empty shells and such a bow may be cool enough to wear at the range.

Charlie Charbonneau:
I liked, and will share with the Mrs. this weekend.

Robin Deatherage:
Those are good.  I'm going to share the link with the moms and grandmas here.   :)

You are all the BEST!  Please share with anyone you might be interested!


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