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I have a two-night weekend stay at the Altamonte Springs Hilton for sale.  I purchased it at the ASCnet auction at TENCon and it turns out I can't use it.  It's good through July 31, 2011.  Blackout dates are possible  Price is $160. Rooms are normally $129/night there.  I've been there before and it's a nice hotel.  They re-did the lobby/bar area and it looks good on the brochure.  I also advertised on "The Community" but no hits yet.  Email me if you're interested.

The certificate is still up for grabs...I will lower the price to $150.00.  Also posted on Community.  Two nights for $150.00 - a better bargain than before!  Email me directly if interested.

Andrew Carrick:
The reason it's not selling is that you can't come along  ;D

Awwwww you've got me blushing! :-[

Andrew Carrick:
I've still got it  8)


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